French Green Clay


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We know being injured is frustrating, our natural pain relief has been helping thousands of athletes from all around the world, to recover faster! They feel better from the first application and are pleased to keep using it.

“Definitely the best product I have ever used”

Mike Broeker – Professional Crossover Athlete

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Why treat yourself to green clay?

Our skin care with green clay is rich in minerals that has been used for a very long time because of its known analgesic properties to help reduce inflammation, detoxify the skin, etc.

The minerals present in our skin care with French green clay facilitate the absorption of toxins, thus facilitating the work of active ingredients and minerals such as silicon, iron, magnesium, calcium, etc., for faster and healthier healing of muscles and joints, without damaging the skin or tissues with chemicals. Our clay has a very low heavy metal composition unlike other clays on the market.

What are the effects of our skin care on green clay?

Thanks to its composition rich in silicon and iron, the clay treatment that we offer for the relief of muscle and joint pain can increase the strength of bones and tissues to allow better recovery and reduce hematoma.

Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties help to reduce the recovery time and inflammations (pain, sprains, …) due to intense physical activity or shocks.

Our French green clay also has a detoxifying property mainly because of the natural presence of sodium and zinc, which helps the absorption of toxins through the skin, thus allowing your skin to breathe better and increases the regeneration of skin cells for a healthier skin.

Treat yourself with green clay CLAYER is relieving pain with a natural care and nontoxic.

Why use CLAYER Skin Care?
There are many reasons why choosing Clayer is more beneficial for you:

All professional athletes from all over the world (world top in skateboarding, rugby, surfing, cycling, MMA type sports, Boxing, … and more) who have tried our natural pain treatment only use them in the basics regular. They like everything, the fact that it works is natural, nontoxic, odorless and easy to use. And we have not paid any of them for testimonials or to promote our brand, they do it in an organic way because our products really help them to move forward in their professional career.

– Last but not least, we place a high value on quality to ensure that all our products are healthy for you and do not cause harm to the environment, animals and future generations. Proudly made in France and certified ingredients natural and non-toxic

We simply want to offer you the best at an affordable price because we believe that quality and natural products must be accessible to all.


  • Apply a generous layer on the skin.
  • Let the clay dry out (about 10 to 15 minutes) on your skin.
  • Then rinse with clean water when dried.
  • Apply once to twice a day.


Soreness, Sprains, Inflammation, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Muscular Pain,…


French Green Clay (composed of illite, kaolin and montmorillonite clays), Alkaline Water, sodium  hydroxymethylglycinate and Capsaicin.

27 reviews for French Green Clay

  1. Juan

    I love this product! It works wonder

  2. Ben Johnson

    Clayer is great stuff. Makes the aces and pains from life go away.

  3. Becky

    Stoked on the pack! I use Clayer everyday!

  4. Mogley M

    CHECK IT OUT!!! THIS CLAY IS AMAZING!!! I broke my ribs and use the clay daily and it feels phenomenal. I love it !!!!

  5. Mike Broeker

    Definitely the best product I have ever used

  6. Lauren C

    I am an avid skateboarder and am always sore. This stuff doesn’t just help you feel better , it helps you get better.

  7. James

    I have an autoimmune arthritic condition that’s at times acute. I ordered Clayer after experiencing a different injury and amazingly it reduced pain and swelling for both – I’m a fan!!!

  8. Ray

    The application is different, messy at first, but definitely less messy than ice!!!!!! And it actually WORKS!!!!!!!!!!
    6 stars if I could, you guys over deliver for sure! AMAZINGGGG

  9. Cara Dickson

    Amazing skin care. Abrasions, sore muscles. Clayers is the best. I think I am going to buy extras so I never run out.

  10. Renato

    I had a bad bruised heel. I was able to walk without limping the next!
    Thank you!

  11. Tom

    I used Clayer for the first time this year because as a chef I cut my finger sometimes( all the time..) and it was incredible to see how fast my wound healed, it looks so clean in a healthy way. So stocked to see good product as such on the market! Clayer way to go.

  12. Hayley Havick

    I feel that this stuff really helps with the inflammation in my joints. I also use it on open wounds and ramp burns (which I’ve had no luck finding a good remedy for) but this really speeds up the healing process and relief continues even after it’s been removed.

  13. Hillary Flowers

    “It works and it’s natural. Use it for pain relief, even on open wounds! It drys and creates a scab that protects the cut or scrape. You can also use it for a face mask if you have oily skin, and if your face isn’t that oily just use once a month ;-)”

  14. Ivan Florence

    This product is so amazing!

  15. Michelle B

    We need more stuff like that!, I love everything about Clayer!!

  16. Ivandro

    Clayer is the one of the most Non Toxic, 100% Natural, Vegan and clean product for recovery injuries. Soreness, Sprains, Inflammation, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain.
    Try Clayer and you will see the healing power of the Mother Nature.

  17. Lindsey A

    I have been using bentonite clay for a long time and this clay product is by far the best one I have ever used. It feels so pure, the texture is incredible. great job

  18. Cheston Brian

    I did not feel heat or cold like most similar products, I don’t know if it did something

  19. Stephen Adams

    I applied a layer on my shoulder where I have pain for month and I felt the clay absorbing things, it was a strange sensation but the pain was not there when I cleaned it. I’m amazed

  20. Bill Klein

    I sprained my ankle and I gave this product a try, the application was confusing at first, but it works!

  21. Cory Barret

    I work construction, this stuff worked great on my back pain, it is a little bit messy, but worth it.

  22. Wilson Reis

    ” It is a must have as a fighter! it works amazing!”

  23. Amy Galligher

    Definitely the best clay products I have ever used! I recommend you to try if you haven’t yet

  24. Mike Melnyk

    Recently purchased the muscle and joint clay to assist in a clavicle fracture. It has helped immensely with residual muscle stiffness allowing me to get back in the water with confidence!
    Thank you, ClayerUSA!

  25. Peter Smolik

    I was SK8’n the Santa Monica court house and made full ankle 2 metal edge contact , I knew Shit was gonna swell up in another 30mins so I kept it pushing…. on the way back down to SD I couldn’t wait for some pain relief and recovering to start .
    Slap’d some ” Clayer ” on that bitch and was sk8’n strong in 3 days … now I’m seeing how it does on my ribs , so please understand that when we support a genuine product best believe we use that shit . Hopefully you won’t need pain relief anytime soon cause shit hurts but we are warriors
    So if you do get injured remember [ Clayer ] and start the healing process and get back in the battle quicker !!!

    ⚔️🏴⚔️….Peter Smolik

  26. Jason J

    I feel it is too cheap for what it is..But can’t complain! Love this stuff

  27. Louis S.

    my go to product for injuries

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